The Cool Ppl bikinis and swimwear collection called The light.

The cool ppl bright and bold activewear for women and men.

The cool ppl girls in new activewear collection in the jungle of Costa Rica.

We are The Cool Ppl.

Since 2018 we've been designing modern, made to order, wearable artwork for workouts, and now for the beach too! The body is a canvas and a powerhouse with the ability to transform everyday motions into strong, beautiful shapes and movements; you deserve more than those same old black leggings and plain swimsuits.


Mazurka Sports Bra


Mazurka Long Leggings


Stacy Sports Bra


Stacy Long Leggings


Kelly Sports bra


Kelly Long Leggings


Charcoal Long Leggings


Sunrise Bikini Top


Sunrise High-Waisted Bikini Bottom