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Founded by Annie Walker three years ago because of for her lifelong love of fashion and art, she started to work out and find most activewear didn't meet her needs. Not only was everyone wearing black, but they also didn't fit well. The construction was poor, and the colors were dull, even the top name brands, so she rigorously tested out several local manufacturers for almost a year before she launched. All the designs are carefully thought out and tested before anything is sold. She's so meticulous on the placement because it was engraved in her by her mother when she was a child being taught to sew. In short, she puts immense thought, time, and love into each and every one of our pieces so that you can whole heartily enjoy them without a second thought.

When she created the name most people think it’s not cool to call yourself cool. She realized this and created the brand name anyways because she wants everyone to know what is cool. Annie looks forward to changing the way we consume everything we buy. In a world that is full of mass productions companies that don’t care about the future of our planet, The Cool Ppl’s clothing is made to order, meaning nothing is produced until it’s purchased which reduces our carbon footprint. There’s no left-over inventory going to waste. So that is cool.

One of the big reason she creates bright and fun designs is because she is an identical twin, so when everyone wanted to dress her the same as her sister she wanted to look different and be an individual. There’s nothing wrong with wearing black but why not wear every color of the rainbow and stand out! Being kind, loving and supportive of other’s choices, that’s what is cool. Just being You. That’s super cool! And when you look good, you feel good and that’s what we think cool is.

So, join us on our mission to create clothing that gives you the freedom to experience the full joy of movement—and to do so in standout style and with supreme comfort.

We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at orders@thecoolppl.com if you have any questions, concerns, overall feedback; or share how cool you are on any of our social media pages.